1·Lectures with Alexander Brodsky

Friday 01 March 2019, 17:00 - 18:00 hrs.
Academy of Architecture
Waterlooplein 211-213
1011 PG Amsterdam

The Amsterdam Academy of Architecture has invited Russian artist and architect Alexander Brodsky to be Artist in Residence for the academic year 2018-2019. During this afternoon 1·Lectures on Friday 1 March 2019, Brodsky will reflect on the Winter School, in relation to his other work. Prior to the lecture, Sarah van Sonsbeeck will present the recently published publication of the Winter School 2018.

Paper Architects
Brodsky graduated from the Moscow Institute of Architecture in 1978 before first receiving international acclaim in the 1980s with his utopian etchings, and was a key member of the after so-called Paper Architects. During the Winter School 2019, a two-week research and design program in January, all three disciplines of architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture joined forces, represented by first and second year students.

City of Clay
Together with the students, Brodsky took a following step in a series which he is engaged in: the expression of imagination and working with clay. Thereby, each student made a fragment of an imaginary city build up from materialized fragments of their individual memories. Together, they made a whole new imaginary. The city of clay was built up in the courtyard of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, and is still visible there until this lecture (with a process of decay by nature).

Date: Friday 1 March 2019
Location: Balkenzaal, Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, Waterlooplein 213
Tickets: Students of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture have free access on presentation of their student card. They do not have to reserve the tickets in advance. Not a students, but interested? Single tickets (€ 7,50 each) are available in the webshop of the Amsterdam Architecture Centre.
Language: English

About the 1·Lectures
Since 2014, the Academy of Architecture has been organising the 1·Lectures in collaboration with the Amsterdam Architecture Centre. This series of architectural lectures provides a platform for speakers from home and abroad to talk about a variety of topics from the international world of architecture, urban planning and landscape architecture.