Exhibition Sluisbuurt Studies

Friday 7 September 2018 - Sunday 6 January 2019

The Amsterdam Architecture Centre will present in collaboration with the Academy of Architecture and the City of Amsterdam the possible future of the Sluisbuurt.

Background story
It’s the end of 2016 when all eyes are on the concept presentation of the Sluisbuurt. The plans include a new residential area on Zeeburgereiland for 5,500 dwellings including high-rise. Until 2006 Zeeburgereiland used to house a sewage treatment plant on a former military terrain. The following year, the City of Amsterdam finalised the plans: The Sluisbuurt offers space for few cars and many bicycles. There is also space for the InHolland University of Applied Sciences, workspaces, shops, water, greenery and 25 towers (buildings higher than 30 metres), one of which may be up to 125 metres high.

You can get an impression of this future metropolitan residential area in the exhibition ‘Sluisbuurt Studies’ at the Amsterdam Architecture Centre. Three enormous scale models of the City of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture fill the gallery space on the Prins Hendrikkade until 6 January 2019.

Permanent Laboratory
The Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam is closely following the plan-making process for the Sluisbuurt. Amsterdam is a permanent laboratory for the students and teachers for their design assignments. Last year, the students worked on a design for the Sluisbuurt. Each student was given his or her own plot to design a residential building with respect for the community within the block and with consideration to the environment. The students present their work on the same scale (1:200), in order to give a good impression of what the Sluisbuurt might look like in the future.

The Urban Quality
On display are two scale models by The City of Amsterdam. A large overview model (1:1000) which clearly shows how the Sluisbuurt relates to its immediate surroundings. And in addition a smaller model (1:500), which is the result of a study programme lasting several months. The volumes and guidelines of the Urban Development Plan were translated by architects into examples of possible forms of buildings and impressions of streetscapes which led to a plan for the visual quality of the neighbourhood. The City of Amsterdam invited the following studios to participate: Arons and Gelauff architects, BARCODE architects, BOOM Landscape, BurtonHamfelt Urban Architecture, the Architekten Cie., Powerhouse Company, R U + P A rudy uytenhaak + partners architects, Studioninedots and Urbanext Urban Design.

You can visit the exhibition until January 6 2019 in the Amsterdam Architecture Centre. This is the result of a collaboration between the Amsterdam Architecture Centre, the City of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.