Exhibition and debate Achtersluispolder

Tuesday 11 September 2018 - Friday 5 October 2018

How will Achtersluispolder connect Zaandam with Amsterdam?
In September the Babel architecture center Zaandam, municipality of Zaandstad and Academie van Bouwkunst Amsterdam will organise a follow up for this years Achtersluispolder studios held at the academy this year. The student plans could form a great inspiration for the future plans for Achtersluispolder. What unique qualities should a future Achtersluispolder have?

Exhibition, Gebouw 8

In September there will be the start of an exhibition with all the student work and current plans for Achtersluispolder. The Haven-Stad maquette will be presented as well. Opening hours will soon be published on: maakachtersluispolder.zaanstad.nl.

Debate, Yada Yada

On Friday 5th of October a debate will be held for professionals. Ruurd Gietema (KCAP), maker/ supervisor of the current spatial analysis, will participate as well. Students will get the opportunity to present their work. Their plans will form the starting point for debate. What are the real challenges for Achtersluispolder and its surrounding (water)landscape? What will be the meaning of Achtersluispolder in the metropolitan area of Amsterdam?

13:00 uur     walk in
13:30 uur     opening, context and assignment
14:00 uur     KCAP vision
14:30 uur     summary student work
15:00 uur     ‘inspiration + student visions
15:30 uur     final debate, values for Achtersluispolder?
16:00 uur     conclusions

RSVP via info@stichting-babel.nl

Exhibition - September & October, gebouw 8, Affuitenhal 4, Zaandam
Debate - 5th of October, Yada Yada, Grote Hulzen 42, Zaandam