1·Lectures with Tess Broekmans

Thursday 29 November 2018, 20:00 - 22:00 hrs.
Academy of Architecture
Waterlooplein 211-213
1011 PG Amsterdam

Crooked, open, modest. These are the three keywords Richard Sennett uses for urban design in his latest book Building and Dwelling. In short: trying to match every day life and top down planning, open for change and a modest role for the design(er). This matches the ambitions we have with the plan for Oostenburg: a neighborhood that is able to adapt to changes in every day life, during the design process and in real life. No grand design, but a good framework. In high density, but with human scale.

High density

We started working on the site in 2011, in the heart of the crisis. Nobody could imagine that the demand for housing would be so high a few years later. Starting with about 800 houses, now with the current market prices and smaller units the amount of housing has risen to 1600 houses.

Richard Sennets values
The Oostelijke Eilanden are an area in transition: on the one hand a tough neighborhood with drug related violence, at the same time the success of Roest, city beach developing into tourist attraction. How will the new population at Oostenburg contribute to the island community? Can we learn lessons that will help us develop high density communities in the comming years in ever so popular Amsterdam? And will we succeed in achieving the values of Richard Sennett?

It’s with these questions that Tess Broekmans, partner and urban planner at Urhahn takes the 1Lectures stage in the final lecture in the first semester of 2018-2019.

Date: 29 November 2018
Time: 8 PM
Location: Academy of Architecture Amsterdam, Waterlooplein 213
Tickets: Students of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture have free access on presentation of their student card. They do not have to reserve the tickets in advance. Single tickets in the webshop of Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam are sold out.
Language: English

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