Wood - Structure & Expression

Wood – Structure & Expression (2018-2020) is a European educational project of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, the University of Liechtenstein and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim. The project is supported by the Erasmus+ programme. We will jointly study the tradition and innovation of wooden structures by means of research, excursions, workshops and studio projects at the three architecture schools. The results will be presented during a symposium and in a publication.

During design projects and workshops, we will research the relationship between the wooden construction, structure, spatiality and appearance of the building. Each year, design projects, exercises and workshops will be linked to Crafting Wood. In 2018, the P2b(A)  (Construction and Building), in 2019 the P4 (Public Building) and in 2020 the P6 (Integral Design). The three workshops will take place successively in Trondheim (August 2018), Vaduz (March 2019) and Amsterdam (2020).

The result of Crafting Wood will be a ‘sample book’ of wooden structures from three cultures that capture the imagination. Classics and new designs. The collected traditional and new wooden structures will provide us with information about craft, tradition, building techniques and innovation. We will learn from both differences and similarities in tools, methods, techniques, forms of assembly and characteristic images.

Symposium 'Wood: Structure and Expression' - Friday 22 November
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