Bram Oude Monnink

Bram Oude Monnink


Patchworking Amsterdam Noord

The pressure on the Amsterdam housing market has never been greater, leading to large-scale area developments popping up like mushrooms. The Amsterdam North district is no exception and is seeing a transformation of the port areas along the Northern IJ Banks into residential environments. The urban design of the various parts of Amsterdam North is often expressed in spatially strong identities and is often related to the zeitgeist of various urban styles. This results in great contrasts between the different neighbourhoods of the North district, giving it the originality that current residents are proud of. However, there is often a monotony in terms of the diversity of housing supply and demography, with some parts worn out and investments in the homes and public space often neglected.     

My graduation project, Patchworking Amsterdam North, gives a new perspective on the stalled discussion about living and developing in the North district. The focus is not on building quickly along the edge but on an urban design vision and strategy where connecting elements have led to a spatial integrated plan that can improve the whole of Amsterdam North. This integrated plan does justice to the existing values, whereby new incorporations reinforce the spatial qualities, values and amenities. It stands for an overall densification and improvement of the district, which offers opportunities for new and existing residents alike. It answers how existing spatial structures, residents and current values are fundamental for new and future area developments in Amsterdam North. 

Graduation date: 7 December 2022
Graduation committee: Hans van der Made (mentor), Anne Nieuwenhuijs, Herman Zonderland 
Additional members for the exam: Iruma Rodriguez, Martin Aarts 

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