Myrna Eussen

Myrna Eussen


Van 0 tot 100

From 0 to 100 

The small town in the polder landscape   

Society's requirements for education are changing and will continue to change. Education is dynamic and seeks connection. However, many of today's educational buildings are static and not designed to encourage the desired development and connection.  

With the design 0 to 100, I have demonstrated that the architecture of a school building can make an important contribution to the quality of education.  

In Almere's polder landscape, a small city is created where the young and old are connected. The choice for the new city of Almere is almost a matter of course for me as a native of Almere. The building is located in Almere's urban forest. The building's position connects Almere Poort, Almere's newest district, with Almere Pampus, a future district of Almere. The building establishes a clear connection with the polder landscape.   

A key principle of the design is that connection becomes possible when you shift the focus from 'me' tot 'we'. One of the current educational concepts that explicitly addresses this is Kees Boeke's workshop - children's community. This is not only about learning for the individual child, but also about learning to live together. This form of education also links childcare, primary education and secondary education. Children of different age groups learn from and with each other. The basis of my design is Kees Boeke's Kinderwerkplaats in Bilthoven.  

Education, like society, has three main themes: culture, sports and science.  In the design, I have focused on these three functions. The spaces for culture, sports and science are designed so that both education and the environment can learn and meet together. The spaces are open during, but also after school. There is a restaurant, theatre, library and studio spaces to bring parents, grandparents and the neighbourhood together in a building where everyone can continue to learn. Where adults learn from the children, but where children also come into contact with the adults' professions.  

Education and society are dynamic and constantly evolving. My design is adaptive due to the 9 by 9 module and can be easily adapted to a different educational concept.  

In the building 0 to 100, we are living together again, in the school of our children.


Graduation date: 13 July 2022 
Graduation committee: Hans Hammink (mentor), Wouter Kroeze, Elsbeth Falk
Additional members for the exam: Saša Radenovic, Jochem Heijmans 

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