Aleksei Kanin

Aleksei Kanin


Liminal Architecture

The Project

current architecture is ignorant 
current architecture is hypocritical 
current architecture is slow 
current architecture is lacking aspiration 
current architecture is misleading 
current architecture must be stopped 

new unknown architecture is coming 

new unknown architecture is intangible 
new unknown architecture targets minds, not senses  
new unknown architecture serves people, not individuals 
new unknown architecture is a collaboration of experts 
new unknown architecture is fast 
new unknown architecture is unknown yet 

liminal architecture is a transition between current and new 

liminal architecture represents neither old nor new values 
liminal architecture represents neither old nor new principles 
liminal architecture represents neither old nor new perceptions 
liminal architecture is non-referential and non-contextual   
liminal architecture is unbiased, objective, pure 
liminal architecture considers only fundamentals 

the project is an example of liminal architecture 

the project is an open-source system to adapt to any demand 
the project is adjusting its performance, structure, appearance 
the project is adjusting daily, seasonally, yearly 
the project has no identity, only vitality 
the project has no form, only a purpose 
the project is not a solution to problems, it is a symbol of solutions 

the project is not sustainable 

no more new sustainable transport - do less transportation 
no more new sustainable energy sources - do less energy usage 
no more new sustainable urbanism - revitalize, reuse, remodel 
no more new sustainable architecture - do less construction 
no more new sustainable design - do less overproduction 
no more sustainability - it is just common sense 

the project is an element of insular urbanism 

insular urbanism is Manhattan, Singapore, MalĂ© 
insular urbanism develops inwards and skywards 
insular urbanism is compact, efficient, self-sufficient 
insular urbanism is a place for people created by people 
insular urbanism is a coexistence of paradoxes, a tensegrity of contradictions 
insular urbanism is an ultimate urbanism 

the project is an alternative reality, where everyone can afford to live in the city 

two choices: to live in the city or to live in the countryside 
two choices: to live smaller or to live further   
two choices: to have a lack of space or to have a lack of time 
two choices: to be alone in the city or to have a family in the countryside 
two choices define the fate of a person and a whole generation 
two choices drive the supply, but do not satisfy the demand 

the project is the frame for the life 

live + work + free time is a self-sufficient urban element 
live + work + free time is a model of sharing structure, energy, circulation 
live + work + free time is a model of sharing the vibe within a programmatic variety  
live + work + free time is a model of sharing and dividing between private and public  
live + work + free time is a model of non-forced human interaction 
live + work + free time is a model of life with fewer constraints  

Graduation date: 27 January 2022
Graduation committee: Laurens Jan ten Kate (mentor), Jeroen van Mechelen, Alexey Boev
Additional members for the exam: Ira Koers, Uri Gilad 

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