The Academy of Architecture likes to keep in contact with its alumni. The aim is to maintain a dynamic network of architects, urbanists and landscape architects who successfully completed a degree programme at the Architecture. Your participation in the alumni network would be greatly appreciated.

Academy Network
Because you have studied at the Academy of Architecture, you are part of a rich network of architectural, urban and landscape architecture professionals. Students, alumni, teachers, employers and guest speakers together form a large collective that possess a great deal of knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm for the profession. Academy Network is a digital representation of this network. Make sure you can also be found in this network by linking your LinkedIn profile to this digital card.

The Academy of Architecture offers it alumni various facilities, such as free use of the Academy library. You can borrow a maximum of 4 titles at a time for a period of 4 weeks. Alumni can reserve a space for meetings, symposia and other receptions at a reduced rate.

Attending lectures
Would you like to attend a lecture again? Each year, interesting speakers can be seen in a wide range of lectures. Various lectures are also open to alumni. These are announced in the calendar on this website.

In collaboration with Architecture Centre Amsterdam (Arcam), the Academy organises a lecture every two weeks on a Thursday evening as part of the 1·Lectures series. These lectures are open to the public. The official language is English.

The annual graduation exhibition is the moment that the Academy presents itself to the outside world. We also like to invite all alumni to view the work of the new generations of graduates. The exhibition takes place every year in November. Further information is announced via email and on this website.

Kromhout Lecture
The Kromhout Lecture has been organised every year around October 5, our dies natalis (anniversary), since the 100-year anniversary of the Academy. The lecture is named after the architect Willem Kromhout, one of the founders of the Academy. The guest speaker is invariably a former student or former teacher. In previous years, guests have included Nathalie de Vries and Donna van Milligen Bielke. As an alumnus, you will always receive an invitation for the Kromhout Lecture.

Beroep Kunstenaar
As an alumnus, you can also make use of the website of the Amsterdam University of the Arts. The website is a source of up-to-date information for setting up and maintaining a professional practice.

This is how you stay in touch with the Academy
The Academy of Architecture has an alumni group on LinkedIn. You can register directly for this fast-growing online network group of graduates. LinkedIn is a platform through which you can make yourself visible in the field of work and a powerful tool for establishing and building professional relationships. 

Change of address
Please pass on your change of address, a new telephone number or email address to the secretariat via