Shant Moushegh

Shant Moushegh


House of Future Architects

Student complex of the Academy of Architecture, Amsterdam

Four years ago I started my master's degree and ever since then, I've been on an emotional rollercoaster that just seemed to never stop. The academy demands a lot of time from the students, because students are expected to have a job during the day and to work at theacademy in the evenings and weekends. Due to this almost occupied agenda, there is a lot of pressure on the students, whereby the students often do not have enough time for themselves. Therefore I and many of my fellow students have experienced a lot of difficulties, i.e. financially, mentally and physically. Unfortunately, for many students, these 'outside of the academy' problems were the reason for dropping out of the academy.

This was the reason for me to design a place for the students of the academy, where they can come together, live together and work together. The program for this student complex was created by conducting an online survey and interviewing various students. The assignment was to design a building where students of the academy can live and have enough facilities to maximize their potential during their time at the academy. Various spaces have been made available in this studentcomplex, such as a presentation room, model room, exhibition space, etc.

In short: 'The House of Future Architects' will complete a master's program at the Academy of Architecture. By offering various facilities and bringing enthusiastic students together, this building will be a 'buzzinghotspot' for future architectural talents!


Graduationdate: 16 December 2020 (class 20-21)
Graduation committee
: Saša Rađenović, Dingeman Deijs, Michiel Hulshof
Additional members for the exam: Jolijn Valk, Jeroen van Mechelen. 

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