Rick Groeneveld

Rick Groeneveld


De Overstap

The Transfer

Towards future-proof urban neighbourhoods 

Cities are expanding and become busier, therefore increasing the pressure on public. As a result, a number of essential challenges such as heat stress, water collection, biodiversity - but also safe walking, cycling and recreation are under pressure within the spatial domain. Especially in high density (existing) city districts. 

The search for more public space brought me to the parked car. By means of a new parking concept, in which cars are stored vertically in a well-connected and centrally located tower, former parking space can be re-used without undermining the mobility of the car. 

I test this by taking a pre-war urban neighbourhood of Amsterdam as a case study (Staatsliedenbuurt). Here I look for the right location, embedding and design for the parking concept. I then outline a perspective for a new network of routes, connections and a redesign of public space that will meet all ambitions to make the urban neighbourhood safe, attractive and climate-proof. 

Graduationdate: 12 October 2020 (class 20-21)
Graduation committee: Huub Juurlink (Mentor), Rick ten Doeschate, Pierre Marchevet

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