Hongjuan Zhang

Hongjuan Zhang

Landscape Architecture

The G682 Quarries

Yangzi Mountain Post-mining Landscape Transformation 

Granite G682 is a yellow to pink color stone of the Precambrian period, the most famous yellow granite from China. I am from G682 granite town. I used to live in a village surrounded by stones. however, I never knew the beautiful and scary story behind it until I saw hundreds of abandoned quarries in the mountains.  

In China, the government plans to shut down 4000 mountain quarries in 2020. So, what is the future of those mountains and their towns? Apart from the common big quarry, there is another type of quarry which is small and cuts deep into the mountain. These are created by family ateliers or small industries. 

In my hometown, Shijing town, people have cut into the mountains and dug out stones to develop the city. This process destroyed the mountains but created an amazing landscape. This post-mining landscape is a wounded landscape with marks of sorrow and betrayal, but these landscape scars are also beautiful, associated to narratives of experiences and memories. However, the ruined post-mining landscape and the related social culture can be appreciated and acknowledged by the people, even be canonized into ‘cultural heritage’. Through my graduation, I reopen and discover the landscape and social wounds, to redefine and reuse the ruined landscape. By healing the landscape scars and transforming the open pits, I provide the opportunity to mirror up the town memory, but also develop the cultural heritage of the post-mining landscape into a new identity of the town. 

It is my vision to regenerate the post-mining mountain with an ecological approach, to develop culture, education and recreation functions, and to create a new relationship between mountain and urban development. The productive city and landscape co-living with urban eco-rhythms will create a gradient from the mountain to the sea. In order to regenerate and purify the rainwater for urban landscape restoration and urban functions, I allow the rainwater to flow freely from the mountain through the water reservoir and the river corridor. Finally, the urban-nature dynamic and ecosystem will be recreated by building up an urban landscape structure and eco-circle system.

Graduation date: 4 September 2020
Graduation committee:
Jana Crepon (mentor), Roel Wolters, Pieter Jannink
Additional members for the exam: Roel van Gerwen, Berdie Olthof

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