Alexander Berkmann

Alexander Berkmann



In search for the future physical retail

The vision of footwear and our relationship to physical retail, has changed dramatically. Climate change, energy consumption, digitalization, and urbanization have hugely impacted the way we strive to become cleaner, quieter, more active, and collective. Therefore, the process of updating the physical retail concept inevitably affects more than just selling new shoes. The construct clothing store is an example of what the physical retail of the future in the footwear industry could be.  

It establishes a new typology, where the store and the factory merch. Here visitors are invited to gradually discover how footwear transcends into the future.  

An experience is curated, that engages the customer in the production process, which enables the customer to co-create and design its personal shoe. To further integrate consumer consciousness about recycling and waste minimization, the store will house a place where shoppers can bring their own plastic waste materials which will be recycled into their own personal shoes. It is logical and very necessary to curate a more personalized experience around footwear innovation to inspire the wider public to adopt healthier and shared modes of clothing. 


Graduation date: 20 april 2021 
Graduation committee: Jolijn Valk, Barend Koolhaas, Samira Boon

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