Laura Rokaite

Laura Rokaite



Re-Set, Re-Think, Re-Start

Re-Space is a building for those who are starting up in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. It is a building for refugees, migrants and also for Lithuanians. It is for young people that are starting up, but also for those who have not worked for a long time or would like to start over. Finding a job is never an easy task, let alone in an unfamiliar country far away from home, with a totally different culture and unknown language. Re-Space facilitates this new beginning – it is this missing link, this first and sometimes very difficult step into the working life.

Re-Space offers an immediate start, since for working-age adults entering workforce as soon as possible is crucial for integration. There is no waiting, since everyone is welcome to join in from the very first day in the new city. Here everyone can do their job whatever their profession may  be. The flexible structure easily accommodates diverse professionals: from barbers and hairdressers, who only need a chair and a pair of scissors to do their job, to carpenters that work with industrial machinery. It is about starting with the potential of the people and using their talents, skills and experiences. It is a place that facilitates creation of social networks, it is for sharing stories and making new intercultural connections as well as meeting people with similar interests.

Re-Space -together with the Municipality of Vilnius- offers professional training courses and workshops for improving different skills and obtaining qualifications as well as learning Lithuanian language. In addition to that, it is possible to get support from Caritas, who takes care and supervises refugees in Vilnius, and the public employment services that can help with finding a job in the city. It is a building for working, learning and getting support in relation to jobs.
Re-Space is about inspiring everyone to be open to people with any background and to contribute to their integration.

By being a part of this concept and a user of this building one can significantly contribute to a more accepting and inclusive society. Whether that is by getting a haircut from a man that comes from Syria or buying a piece of jewellery from someone from Eritrea, because even the longest journey starts with a single step. Social and economic independency is crucial for everyone and what can be better than working towards it together in a relaxed environment in the heart of Vilnius?


Graduation committee: Saša Rađenović (mentor), Machiel Spaan, Abdessamed Azarfane.
Additional members for the exam: Marlies Boterman, Miguel Loos.


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