Ramses van der Dussen

Ramses van der Dussen


Rehabilitation centre for the injured dancer

The career of a professional dancer is one of ups and downs. From great heights as a solo dancer on the stage of the Dutch National Ballet to considerable lows as an injured dancer on the treatment table of the sports doctor. The injured dancers will be able to make use of the new rehabilitation centre that has been specially designed for this group.

The building lies at the edge of the Natura 2000 area between the Wethouder van Gelukpark in the Dutch town of Bloemendaal and the Kraansvlak in the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park. There was a riding school at this spot up until 2014, when a fire destroyed the place. The existing scar at this spot in the landscape is removed by the new building and the increase in the layer of shifting sand. Endangered and rare dune plants and flowers grow abundantly on the green roof of the rehabilitation centre. The wind, birds and insects spread the seeds of these plants and flowers throughout the adjoining, still run-down Wethouder van Gelukpark, so that the flora in the park can regenerate and flourish.

The rehabilitation centre provides dancers with a place where injuries may and can be visible and open to discussion. Square confined spaces are linked by rotations to each other, as a result of which corridor systems are not necessary.

The dynamic building that is hidden in the dune landscape in a respectful manner exudes total tranquillity. The floor, the spatial experience, the views of the dunes and the fusion of inside and outside provides a spectacular nature experience. The contrasting white in the building reinforces the colour of the dune landscape, which gives the spot a fresh and pure appearance. In this earthly building, everything revolves around the notion of recovery, both for the dancer and for the natural environment. Sand plays a leading role, as a natural binding element, herein.

Graduation committee: Bart Bulter (mentor), Anouk Vogel and Laurens Cobben. Additional members for the exam: Marc A Campo and Florian Schrage. 

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