Lynn Ewalts

Lynn Ewalts


A place for the 'Amsterdammer'

The new LAB Rembrandtplein offers a platform to the resident of Amsterdam; a place where anything is possible and every day can be different. The Rembrandtplein (Rembrandt Square) is a place for experimentation on an artistic, social and societal level. There is space for giant installations, a miniature theatre or a festival, but also a place where the neighbourhood can spontaneously drink coffee together or where you can simply have a chat. LAB Rembrandtplein will be a place where original residents of Amsterdam live together with new residents.

The new Rembrandtplein is needed, because many residents from Amsterdam state that the city centre no longer feels like part of their city. In particular, the public nuisance and pollution, the rising rents, and the changing character as a result of the many tourists and expats living there, are cited as problems. People from Amsterdam increasingly feel alienated from their city, as a result of which the residents are found less and less in the city centre, or even worse: they leave this urban district. In order to combat this feeling and this exodus, there needs to be more space for organising initiatives like neighbourhood, sporting and cultural activities. With the transformation of the Rembrandtplein, the resident of Amsterdam will live in the city centre once again.

At the Rembrandtplein, LAB will come into existence, an installation where many different activities can take place throughout the year; activities that represent the enormous diversity of the city. The installation functions as a Swiss army knife: a different layout can be made for each activity through movable elements. Wall and floor elements can be raised up and lowered, and curtains provide a more intimate or a more public setting as the case may be. The installation consists of a grid structure to which these elements are or can be attached; it serves as a fly tower. As a result of this, the Rembrandtplein can look different every day and it will become a place that belongs to the Amsterdam people once again; a place where they can meet each other and be together.

Graduation committee: Rob Hootsmans (mentor), Jana Crepon and Jarrik Ouburg. Additional members for the exam: Ira Koers and René Bouman.

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