Jordy van der Veen

Jordy van der Veen


Uit eigen bodem

The design of an underground world for the former cattle market in Purmerend, as an ode the history of food of the city

Since the founding, the historic centre of Purmerend has been formed for trade in food. From a small fishing village between three lakes, to a monastic settlement in the 14th century. After the reclamation of the lakes ‘Beemster’, ‘Purmer’ and ‘Wormer’, the fish was replaced by livestock and agriculture. The location of the project, the ‘Koemarkt’ and the ‘Schapenmarkt’ are remnants of the city’s market existence, which lost its function due to the foot-and-mouth disease epidemic in 2008. Partly due to elevations of the dikes and land reclamation, the ground level and the buildings around the square have been changed several times.

The new design shows this rich history and is therefore located on the old underground layer of the traditional monastic life. As a result of local and traditional food production and food consumption, the production and trade of food will once again become the identity of the ‘ Koemarkt’ and Purmerend. By placing the new tasting house underground, the square can remain a square, the old monastery ruins can be included in the design and various cellars of the current establishments can be connected. A route from light to light guides the visitors through the workshops and presents the production process. Four large patios make the connection between the square and the underground market.

The new underground tasting house of Purmerend is a spatial experience which has been designed exclusively for the Koemarkt and therefore connects to the underground and overground morphology of Purmerend. Thanks to this intervention, food will once again be the heart of Purmerend and the history of the place will be made accessible.

Graduation committee: Machiel Spaan (mentor), Dingeman Deijs and Bart van der Salm. Additional members for the exam: Bart Bulter and Jochem Heijmans.

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