Jeroen Pot

Jeroen Pot



I have always been fascinated by industrial heritage and have often played with the idea of how I could reuse a location, building or object. The buildings that inspire me have something special. They were built in another time and often for a specific purpose. It was therefore natural for me that I felt attracted to an industrial location like the Wagenwerkplaats in my city of residence Amersfoort.

The Wagenwerkplaats is a former maintenance workshop for trains. Until now, the site could not be developed due to the restrictions associated with the environmental permit of the railway yard. However, the environmental permit now offers scope for development. A unique opportunity has therefore arisen: the size, the location in the city and the appearance of the historic buildings make the Wagenwerkplaats a unique development site.

Between the Hoofdgebouw (Main Building) of the Wagenwerkplaats and the Rijtuigenloods (Carriage Shed) - both listed buildings - there is a void. There are tracks present that connect the two buildings with each other. In the past, there were train carriages here, which were driven inside via the high industrial doors for maintenance and repairs. The rails are now tracks from the past and show how the area functioned in the past. Because the area of the Wagenwerkplaats still requires an attractive public meeting space, TRACK will be developed on this existing piece of track between these listed buildings. It is a social-interactive machine that responds to the social and cultural needs of the time and the environment. The existing piece of track, the ‘rolling track’ with the rolling bridge belonging to it, was a unique and essential tool for the railway company, since it was possible to move the carriages to specific locations in the Wagenwerkplaats via this rolling track. Through TRACK, the location of the rolling track will not only be given a public function, but these characteristic surroundings will also provide this central location with great appeal. Everything appears to converge here. From the heart of the Wagenwerkplaats, the rolling track together with the social-interactive machine TRACK will reactivate the tracks and the surroundings by means of activities and events.

Graduation committee: Saša Radenovic (mentor), Miguel Loos and Albert Herder. Additional members for the exam: Elsbeth Falk and Micha de Haas.

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