Jaap Leek

Jaap Leek


Het vieren van de snelheid

A redesign for Circuit Zandvoort

Circuit Zandvoort has a varied kinetic dynamism, from the unspoilt dune landscape and the sea that contrasts with the modern technology of the circuit. It is simultaneously a place of stillness and a place of speed. The circuit is inextricably linked with Zandvoort and has been seen as the motor sport Mecca of the Netherlands for decades. What began in 1938 as an improvised street race has developed into a circuit park that is praised by motor sport lovers all over the world due to its route through the dunes. The circuit was originally built to cater for Grand Prix Formula 1, but the facilities are outdated and have insufficient capacity. It also no longer meets the current safety requirements for such a global race. Moreover, the accessibility of the area is unclear.

Due to the growing popularity of Max Verstappen, there are plans to bring back Formula 1 to Circuit Zandvoort. The design provides space for this sports event. At the same time, the area is laid out and made accessible in such a way that the circuit can be used throughout the year for all kinds of events. By locating the park with its facilities on the boulevard and the beach of Zandvoort, it will become more accessible and more attractive to visit. By using architecture, an attempt is made to strengthen the dialogue between the visitor and sources of speed present in the surroundings.

Graduation committee: Marcel van der Lubbe (mentor), Machiel Spaan and Bruno Doedens. Additional members for the exam: Bart Bulter and Gus Tielens.

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