Dex Weel

Dex Weel



At the foot of the Pyrenees, between the Spanish fishing villages Llançà and Colera, one can find Perpendiculair, which was designed by me. A linear housing structure that stretches from the Mediterranean Sea into the mountains, thus connecting two landscape extremes.

The varied natural scenery of rugged mountains, green valleys, beach and sea provides a diverse and impressive landscape. In order to ensure the natural landscape remains as unspoilt as possible, the structure rests on high columns. In this way, impressive vistas are created, which intensify the experience of the natural environment.

The structure contains three types of housing units that are tailored to the landscape context. The housing units are connected with the environment through sightlines, each with a different orientation on the surroundings. For example, the sightlines in the mountains are directed upwards towards the sky and the endless horizon, and the housing units above the water are directed downwards. The housing structure also provides space for public functions, which are housed in the columns.

Residents and visitors can easily reach Perpendiculair by train via the existing railway. There is a stop at the junction with the housing structure where residents can transfer to a capsule that brings them to the green-blue sea, or otherwise to the deep-grey mountains...

Graduation committee: Chris Scheen (mentor) Vibeke Gieskes, Bart Guldemond. Additional members for the exam: Floris Hund, Jolijn Valk and Hanneke Kijne (extern).

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