Alexey Boev

Alexey Boev


Reopening democracy

In search for the new concept of Dutch parliament building

Politics defines many aspects of people’s lives, even when most of them are not directly involved in political processes and have no chance to do so. Main structure and functioning of the countries is shaped by political processes, and democracy became the way for non-politicians to influence their societies’ lives. Born 2500 years ago in Athens, nowadays democracy lost its original openness to people and architecture of parliament building – buildings for the main instrument of democracy - highly represent that.

The project represents an idea of how the architecture, that would address openness and accessibility of democratic processes, could look like, while still fulfilling important needs of contemporary society, as security. The project introduces an alternative proposal for Dutch parliament building in Schiphol Airport, that would promote democracy, REOPEN it to broader audience, reflecting contemporary society, both local and global. 

Graduation committee:  Laurens Jan ten Kate (mentor), Lada Hršak, Wouter Kroeze. Additional members for the exam: Jarrik Ouburg and Ira Koers.

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