Maik Peters

Maik Peters


Stardust - A Museum for Astronomy

The body of a new born baby is as old as the universe. The form is new and unique, but the building blocks are 13.7 billion years old. The material is, among other things, processed by nuclear fusion in stars and formed by electromagnetism. This a sober description for an amazing process.

It took a long time before someone told me this. The only thing that I can remember about the origin of life from primary school, for example, is the story of Adam and Even during religious education classes. The true story is so much more beautiful and more plausible. A star died so that we could come into being.

The reality of the Big Bang and the evolution of life is that we ask ourselves what the universe is, while we are the universe, to our great surprise. Everyone is a piece of the universe that expresses itself as a human for a brief moment in time. That our atoms once formed a star and that we were the energy before that for an event that we will probably never understand. Astronomy tells the story of the creation and the development, and the general history and future, of the universe. It tells us that the entire universe is made from the same matter.

There does not appear to be a place in the Netherlands where you can easily come into contact with astronomy. There are examples like NEMO, small observatories or a Planetarium in ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo, but this subject only receives fragmented attention here. In what way could the science of astronomy be given form in a new building?

Commission members: Laurens Jan ten Kate (mentor), Ira Koers, Jeroen van Mechelen. Additional members for the exam: Micha de Haas, Rik van Dolderen.

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