Eva Engele


Counterspace: Rotterdam Noord-lijn

The project shows the spatial potential of ‘North Line’ in Rotterdam. The area is a 2,5 km long and up to 400 m wide strip between three city parts, currently dominated by large scale infrastructure and great amount of left over spaces.

The proposal sets up a urban strategy to change this void inside the city into an active recreational line with different scenarios. Rotterdam North station area is used as an example to show the strategy in action.

Organizing the area on all scales and creating the possibilities for activities to happen are essential for these left over spaces to function. Project is not about the building itself, it is about the space it creates around. I have designed the counterspace for Rotterdam North line. A space in-between, where activities inside the buildings are extended into the public.

Commission members: Uri Gilad (mentor), Bruno Doedens, René Heijne. Additional members for the examination: Ira Koers, Jan-Richard Kikkert.

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