Winter School 2017: Seeing is a creative act

The theme of the 2017 Winter School was ‘seeing’. Seeing is more than ‘looking’. Seeing is about understanding, seeing is about feeling, seeing is about valuing. This is a skill which designers like architects, urbanists and landscape architects should master more and more in today’s ‘searching times’, in which society is becoming increasingly diverse and developments are not always the logical outcome of programmatic needs anymore.

At the final presentations on Friday 27 January a total of 18 teams each presented a movie with a duration of 3.13 minutes. The assignment was to look at the former Naval Barracks in Amsterdam with the eyes of a photographer and capture what is of value or could be of value in the future. The Academy has invited photographer Jeroen Musch to be curator and inspirator of the 2017 Winter School.

All movies can be viewed here.