Morphology classes

Morphology class, a course focused on form. Whichever way you look at it, everything is about form and you can learn to create form. Form is an integral part of architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture, if not the main basis of these fields of study. However, form also has many guises. Morphology classes are not only governed by a physical or traditional manifestation. Form in word, sound, volume and/or image. The morphology class ‘Masters of Form’ is the current cutting across the curriculum, in which autonomy and everybody’s visual power is sought. The main objective is the development of clean draughtsmanship and sowing the first seed of a larger oeuvre, as a result of which one can profile oneself as an autonomous designer within the fields of architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture. This requires training, lots of training, so that one ultimately dares to let go of the existing railings of logic and well-defined assignments.