The key element of the exercises is the training of skills in those areas that are essential for identifying, solving and communicating the design problem. In this case, the exercises are linked to the design projects. In addition, there are exercises that are focused on text analysis and writing. Assessment of the exercises takes place on the basis of attendance and the assignments carried out during the exercise.

Re-act / re-light 

An example of an exercise in the curriculum is Re-act / re-light (O4 A). In 2019 a were spaciousness-installation based upon the H. Pastoor van Ars kerk of Aldo van Eyck. How can light question space and deepen our relation with space? This was the main question in the assignment students engage in a collaboration of two departments at the Amsterdam University of the Arts. Students of the Academy of Architecture worked together with students Scenography at the Academy of Theatre and Dance and explored the H.Pastoor van Ars kerk in its construction, materialization, light, language, time, context and religion. This resulted in five personal light installations which re-light the various qualities of light and re-act upon the spatial experience of the H. Pastoor van Ars kerk.