Open call for lecturers: ON HOUSING

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Open call for lecturers: ON HOUSING
(8-week Architecture Research and Design Course)

The Amsterdam Academy Architecture team is looking for inspiring, critical, and motivating professionals in the field of housing (research and design) to join our teaching team. We are looking to explore the challenges facing the current housing practice in the Netherlands and abroad, and to connect research and design in an eight-week educational project. Would you be interested in working with a small group of highly motivated students with work experience? Please get in touch!

In the Netherlands, the housing landscape is dominated by a persistent housing shortage across urban and rural areas, as a growing number of people are unable to find suitable and affordable housing. Housing has typically been the domain of architecture, policy, housing corporations, and the market. At the same time, it has increasingly become a driver of economic growth, profitable construction, and quantity, overriding perhaps the narrative of housing quality and design, and losing some of the much-needed precision in the professional discourse.

With this course, we would like to contribute to the ongoing initiatives, explorations, and transitions across the professional field on the housing question. We aim to approach housing as an architectural, but also a complex community-based interdisciplinary field, informed by policy, market forces, labour, landscape and environment, material cycles, regeneration ambitions, and climate zero construction. We want to emphasise and further explore the importance of connecting research and design, while finding ways to exchange ideas and experiences around this transition and emerging actions.

The research course (8 sessions) will take place on Monday evenings 19:30 – 22:30, Oct 23-Dec 11, 2023 (self-study week Oct 14-Oct 22). The linked design course (8 sessions) will take place on Friday morning 9:30-12:30, October 27-Dec 15, 2023. The final presentation for both courses will take place on Friday morning, December 15. All classes are in person at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture at Waterlooplein.

We envision the structure of the course as follows:

  • The research and design courses are closely connected, taught by a team of two tutors and an opportunity to invite an expert.
  • During the first four weeks, the students work in groups, refining and responding to a studio-specific housing research and design question.
  • Followed by four weeks of individual work, where each student focuses on a selected area of research and design situated within the collective work.

Please send us: 1) a brief description of your approach and method, team – research and design tutor, the goals you want to reach, the didactic model you want to use, and any suggestions for possible location or case study (max 500 words); and 2) a short introduction of yourself as a teacher and professional designer (max 200 words).

Please send your proposal no later than Friday, July 7, 2023, to Henri Snel, education manager: If you have questions, please get in touch with Janna Bystrykh, Head of Architecture:

Image by graduate Anna Torres.